Thursday, December 23, 2010

Learn How To Get FREE Internet Access In Your Area

Surf Internet Using unlock Wifi Network For FREE, Anytime Anywhere.

This method works everywhere, world-wide, no matter where you live, with just a simple tool and software.

The Gadget To Detect,Capture,Amplify,Decode and Utilize Wifi Networks FROM THE AIR Around You, and TO Make Them FREELY AVAILABLE For You To Use To Surf Internet.

Why Pay Expensive Monthly WIFI/Broadband Charges When You DON'T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT NOW for life?

Save $1000s on your internet or Broadband Charges after You Read This....

Yes You Read It Right,You Can Snort WIFI Signals out of Thin Air Around You,Decode And Use Them.

WIFI Signals You Never Realize Exist Before Can Be Discovered,Decoded And Used To Surf The Internet.

(NO Registration, NO Monthly Subscriptions/Bills, NON Tel-co/Sim card/Modem Dependent).

Works Anytime Anywhere All Over The World,NOT Just Locally! Just Plug And Play, easy! Anyone can have this and setup in 15 min.

Get Unlimited Fast Wifi Lan Internet Personal Access Forever At Home Anytime Anywhere.

Now You Can Surf Your Heart Out With WIFI Internet Access ABSOLUTELY FREE Anytime Anywhere Every Month For Life!

No more paying every month, month after month for your internet subscription!

Learn How to Make Use Of These WIFI Networks That Are Laying Idle Around You Waiting For You To Harness Them! Save Tons Of Money While Enjoying High-Speed Quality WiFi Access.

Now You Can Use Any WIFI AP(Access Point) To Surf Internet ABSOLUTELY FREE Anytime Anywhere Every Day For Life!

We Make the WiFi FREE. If You Like The Idea, Read On And Check Out how.

So what exactly the tools we are using to surf FREE INTERNET. Please refer to How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network's WEP Password with Backtrack about our customized wifi unlocked kit and software now. Enjoy your FREE Internet for Life Now from your PC!

Below is the complete plug and play WiFi unlocked kit info:

Super Wifi ( Super Long Range WiFi )
Never Pay For Internet Access Again!

WiFi signals are available almost everywhere but most of them are useless to us as they are might be too far away from your house to access.

It is a powerful Long Range USB customized wifi unlocked kit that can access WiFi connections up to 2 km away! It will let you use the internet almost everywhere for free thereby saving you hefty monthly subscription fees.

Best of all it can also decode, hack, crack, unlock and reveal the passwords of most of the secured connections if you forget your own password. So, you do not need to reset your WiFi router or pay extra money for someone to help you reset or re-configure your access point at your house or office.

Now you can enjoy Free WiFi almost anywhere with dozens of connections to choose from and save hundreds of dollars every year!

This product is very useful if you have a very large house or office, as the normal WiFi receiver could not access your WiFi access point.

Easy installation with full instructions and software.

Here is the video tutorial to get free internet with our unlocked kit:

Complete Plug & Play Unlocked Kit:
Price : US$139 Per Unit, Including of Shipping by UPS to your door.
EARLY buyer may receive special DISCOUNT! The price will going up Soon...

If you want to be a Dealer with a minimum purchase of 10 units, the price will be negotiable(reduced), or please join our Affiliate Program through PayDotCom with great commission.

Payment by:
PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer or Major Payment Accepted.

Contact Info :
Name                   : Dickson Ton
Email                    :
Yahoo Messenger :

P.S : If you cracking down the wifi in your area with our product, please share your experience here with other user.

P.P.S : You're welcome to chat with me while you're experiencing difficulty to crack WEP or other technical support to my Yahoo msg'er, I'm glad to help!

Read more FAQ about FREE INTERNET here!

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